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Currents offers a dynamic marketplace that optimizes the supply chain for end-of-life hybrid and electric vehicle batteries. We’re paving the way for a sustainable future in sourcing.

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  • Why We Exist

    We believe battery circularity is a pillar of decarbonization — and this objective is the fuel to our fire.

  • Mission Driven

    Our mission is to spearhead the responsible use and maximize the lifecycle value of every battery. Through our platform, we support a global movement towards a circular battery economy.

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What we do

Currents spearheads a transformative B2B marketplace catering to all aspects of the end-of-life battery supply chain. Our platform is meticulously designed to unite reputable suppliers with verified purchasers, delivering excellence in inventory quality, transparent pricing, and a streamlined procurement experience.

  • Suppliers

    Our network of suppliers come from all aspects of the battery lifecycle giving buyers more access than ever before. As a distinguished marketplace for major industry players, we empower suppliers to engage in the circular economy.

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  • Buyers

    As an empowering marketplace facilitator, we hold no inventory ourselves, which ensures that our platform remains a neutral space for fair pricing and unbiased access. With transparency into battery supply, buyers are enabled to confidently purchase based on verified battery characteristics.

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