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Currents is a B2B marketplace for end-of-life EV batteries intentionally designed for second-life energy solutions. The future of sourcing begins now.

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  • Why We Exist

    Everything we do is guided by achieving net zero carbon emissions by 2050. We believe energy storage, resource and energy independence, and supply chain innovation are cornerstones of decarbonization — these objectives are the fuel to our fire.

  • Mission Driven

    A holistic solution to the climate crisis requires collaboration on a global scale. Our contribution is to create a platform that facilitates and optimizes the end-of-life EV lithium supply chain to ensure every battery is handled responsibly and maximize their lifecycle value.

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What we do

Our first step is launching our B2B marketplace for second-life batteries intentionally designed for energy storage customers. We built and optimized our platform for trusted suppliers to provide approved buyers with the best available inventory, fair and transparent pricing, and a seamless shopping experience. We will continuously iterate to drive value and efficiency for both sides of the marketplace.

  • Suppliers

    We curate our suppliers and only work with sellers who align with our vision and mission. We are the exclusive marketplace for Nissan North America. Moving forward, we will only allow suppliers who support the second-life industry by providing fair, transparent pricing based on certified state-of-health.

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  • Buyers

    We are a facilitation marketplace meaning we do not own the inventory. Therefore, we are not inflating prices. Buyers must provide their business credentials for access to the platform, then, once approved, can view and purchase the best available inventory. Spend less time sourcing and more time scaling.

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