Join us as we march toward a circular, net-zero future.


To achieve carbon neutrality, we must optimize, facilitate, and innovate the end-of-life lithium supply chain while maximizing the value of every battery to enable the closed loop economic model for all stakeholders.

Core Values

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Innovation, curiosity, and a ruthless customer obsession

We are solving an enormous problem. To succeed, we need to think on a global scale while obsessing over our customers and their needs. We are curious about everything, and as we learn more about the space, we act quickly to build innovative solutions that drive value for our customers.

Support, Trust, and Transparency

Greatness is made in the agency of others. Our team needs to support one another, and that means leaving our egos at the door. Good ideas can come from anywhere. We are honest with ourselves, and transparent with others.

Continuous Improvement

Of our impact, platform, and self. We go to bed every night wiser than when we woke up.


This speaks for itself: respect for yourself, teammates, our customers, our planet - leave everything better than we found it.


We are a mission driven organization, and we all must be aligned on our goals, objectives, and key results to succeed.

Work hard, have fun, and make history

Let's do this.


Does our vision and mission tickle your fancy?
Join our team of hungry, hard-working, and fun folks who are mission-driven.

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  • Kip Frey

    Kip is the Managing Director of HG Ventures and brings tremendous insight and expertise drawing upon his experience leading multiple start-ups and as a venture investor, board member, and entrepreneurial ecosystem builder. A lawyer by training, he practiced intellectual property law before joining Turner Broadcasting System in the early 1990’s and contributed to the acquisition of Castle Rock Entertainment, the formation of the Cartoon Network, and the construction of the MGM Grand Hotel.

  • Chris Cravens

    Chris is a proven technology executive, advisor, and investor with experience growing and scaling high-performing IT teams from the ground up for over twenty years. Chris has directly built IT teams at Uber, Zynga, and Splunk, and advised countless others driving billions in revenue for high-growth startups and mid to large enterprises. Outside of work, Chris can be found shredding face-melting guitar solos.

  • Anthony Garbarino

    Anthony is Currents’ Founder and CEO and is responsible for executing our vision of carbon neutrality and mission of enabling the closed loop economic model in the end-of-life EV battery supply chain. Anthony comes from the solid waste and recycling industry and obsesses over big picture bottlenecks and solutions. Outside of work, Anthony can be found tweaking synthesizers and guitars for that ever-fleeting perfect tone.

  • Jonathon Hensley

    Jonathon is a digital product expert with over twenty years of experience transforming businesses of all sizes by turning strategy, user needs, and new technologies into valuable products and services. In addition, Jonathon authored Alignment to share powerful insights and illustrate the key facets of digital product success he has uncovered throughout his career. Outside of work, Jonathon can be found moving serious weight overhead in an olympic fashion.

  • Nick Herinckx

    Nick has a track record of success as an entrepreneur, investor, and advisor. Nick successfully founded, scaled, and exited Obility, a digital marketing agency for B2B SaaS companies, without taking any outside investment. Nick currently provides critical insights and direction to founders looking to follow his successful path. Outside of work, Nick can also be found melting faces with his virtuosic guitar playing.

  • Hanjiro Ambrose

    With a PhD in Environmental Engineering and a masters in Transportation, Technology, and Policy, Hanjiro is a lithium-ion battery industry expert. Hanjiro is a researcher affiliated with the University of California Davis Institute of Transportation Studies and served as a lead technical advisor for California’s Lithium-ion Car Battery Recycling Advisory Group. Outside of work, Hanjiro can be found championing equitable access to low carbon energy and mobility.

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